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Uncle Eggbert's Egg Book

by Eggbert Fowler
Edited by David Tank

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Uncle Eggbert's Egg Book -- back coverUncle Eggbert's Egg Book -- front cover

If you raise your own chickens or just enjoy cooking with eggs,
this eclectic book is for you.

  • 57 easy and tasty recipes that feature eggs
  • Tips and tricks for simple cooking with eggs
  • Eggnocentric wit, wisdom, trivia and found art
  • Lay-flat wire binding for easy counter-top use
  • Henrietta's Henhouse Hints
108 pages
Paperback 9" x 6"
ISBN 978-0-9962218-8-7
Retail $21.95 Publisher-Direct Price $18

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What folks are saying about Uncle Eggbert's Egg Book

Raising backyard chickens has become a popular hobby and there are numerous guides to get you started. But there’s little available to help you figure out what to do with the proliferation of eggs once your hens start laying. Uncle Eggbert’s Egg Book is an ecclectic collection of recipes and other fun ways to enjoy the bounty from your backyard chickens. This fun and quirky book isn’t your typical cookbook: Besides the 57 easy-to-follow recipes and cooking tips, you’ll find eggnocentic wit, wisdom, trivia and a marvelous collection of chicken and egg-related found photographs and illustrations. Henrietta's Henhouse Hints offers some informative anecdotes about caring for your backyard flock. Even if you don’t raise chickens, Uncle Eggbert’s Egg Book is still an enjoyable read.

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Updated: 10-05-2021